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Here are some of my newest pieces! I love this website... it's gonna become an obsession like everything else I tend to enjoy and obsess over in life :D lol
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Rules: If you are featured in this journal, you have to submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting me in te first spot.  ( if you want. It is not necessary.;) (Wink) )
The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone.

I love so many of you guys!
I'll feature as much as I can! :D
btw you don't have to do this ;p

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Zima Soldat by Alexiel-VIII

10. :icontarnisis:  Dancing into the Night
:bulletblue: Dancing into the Night: Part One :bulletblue: 

The sun had long since set upon yet another fall day, and the nighttime hours were well at hand. For weeks on end there had been generous rainfalls over most of Hungary and Romania, and due to this, the nights had gotten considerably colder. From the hearths of their cottages and businesses, many could see the first tendrils of winter breathing impatiently upon the glass. With miniature fractals of ice forming on the windows and all metals that could be found outside, it was apparent to most that being indoors was far more favorable than being out. Not that Lynara really had much of a say in the matter. . .
It was a brisk wind that grew ever vicious, that met the young woman as she exited from the bright tavern to chop more firewood in the dusky autumn eve. Though most of the guest rooms were still well stocked, the great roaring fireplace that kept all the paying customers warm on the main floor had begun to dwin
  Peter Pan x Reader: Believe
:bulletgreen: Peter Pan x Reader: Believe :bulletgreen:
(F/n) had been sick as long as she could remember. Even as a baby her illness had borne no name, and thus no treatment. But somehow, she had learned to live with it. The girl had never been able to attend public school or have friends to call her own, for fear that her condition might worsen. But she’d had other things to depend on.
Her mother had taught her from the safety of their London flat, ranging from all the normal school subjects to ones of (F/n)’s choosing. Though physical strength often avoided her, she found pleasure in the depths of her mind. There, in the crevices of her subconscious, the fourteen-year-old girl was normal. She could stand and run without being winded, and take long walks in the rain, as people rushed by her. She could eat in a café with her mother, and spend her hours wiling away in the countless libraries that dotted great Britannia. In her mind, she was free. S
  Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio
:bulletpurple: Tony x Reader x Logan: Trouble Trio :bulletpurple: 

(Full name) sighed heavily as she trudged through the spacious halls of the School for Gifted Youngsters and internally cursed. The twenty-year old mutant had long since graduated from the classes held here, but it had been her home for too long to have even considered going elsewhere. This woman was a member of the X-Men, but had openly refused to be a teacher at the school. This wasn’t because she wasn’t capable of such a task, but rather the fact that she mostly enjoyed keeping to herself. This might have been due to the personality she was born with, or the fact that her mutation allowed her to go unnoticed when she wished. But either way, (F/n) was a lone wolf. . .
Unless the boys roped her into something. Then she was anything but lonesome.
Today was promising to be one of those days, seeing as (F/n) was the school handyman (or woman) and the Danger Room had started living up to it
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Drawing is my favourite thing to do. Traditional art, Digital art are my favourites; the subject matter of the art... well, that depends on my mood and what I am obsessed with. :iconhurrplz:

I love movies, creating stories, and spreading the love on Deviantart; there are many aspiring artists on here, all of whom have amazing/unique pieces to share with the world! :aww:

I may seem a bit spazzy or over excited a lot, but... that's just because simple things tend to amuse me :XD: I like to look on the bright side of things... I like to smile, and seeing other people happy makes me MORE happy!
I can be serious when called for though... Bullies and trolls are not welcome; I tend to wear them out anyways.

...And yes...




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